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TREP Summit: An Ethical Capitalism Revolution

Change happens when people begin to ask themselves, “Is there a better way?” Edison asked, “Is there a better, safer way to light a home?” Mark Zuckerberg wondered if there was a better way for people to connect. Steve Jobs will always be remembered for thinking outside the box about a better way to use computers and phones.

These remarkable individuals, and the teams they led, brought us disruptive innovations and remarkable companies. But what if we imagined, not changing a product or market, but a global economic system? This is what the upcoming TREP Summit is all about, an ethical capitalism revolution.

The Power and the Problem

Capitalism has provided more opportunity for job creation, for people to move out of poverty, for individuals to write their own definition of freedom than any economic system humankind has ever experimented with. Even the casual observer is aware of China’s successful transformation from pure communism toward capitalism, as it has now become the second largest economy in the world.

Yet, we also know there is a dark side. In fact, most people avoid using the term capitalist as a description or when they do, it almost always has a negative connotation. The failures of capitalism and capitalists are in the media continually. Yet, most people don’t even know what capitalism really means, nor do they realize it is providing us with our public schools, interstate highways, cell phones and countless philanthropic organizations.

Changing the Future

Transformation on the level we are describing will not happen by passing more legislation to control greed and indifference. It will only happen one entrepreneur at a time, building their character and the culture of their business around the mindset of ethical capitalism. TREP Summit empowers those seeking that kind of freedom and who celebrate doing business right.

This conference is about a set of entrepreneurs who, like an aircraft taking off, have reached the PNR (Point of No Return) in terms of moving toward ethical capitalism. Perhaps in your business, you are all in, having crossed that event horizon of commitment, and are looking for direction on how to win at business, doing it the right way, and looking for others who are in the same pursuit.

Join the revolution.

Susan Amat
Founder/CEO of Venture Hive, Director at 3Cinteractive

Susan Amat was recognized as a “Champion of Change” for entrepreneurial mentoring by the White House in 2012; as the Ultimate CEO by the South Florida Business Journal in 2015; and with the Governor’s Business Ambassador Medal in 2015. She is the creator and founder/CEO of Venture Hive and director at 3Cinteractive, an entrepreneurship education company providing content and tools to support corporate innovation and to help accelerators, incubators and universities build better entrepreneurs and solutions.

She is also the creator and executive director of The Launch Pad, which was considered the national model in entrepreneurship education. Funded by the Blackstone Charitable Foundation, TLP created a national network of collegiate entrepreneurs through the replication of the program at 14 schools including University of Southern California; University of California, Los Angeles; and Case Western Reserve University.


Eric Wright
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

Eric Wright is an innovative leader, dynamic speaker and published author. He turns complex principles into simple and practical life applications. For over 25 years, Eric has taught leadership and management seminars on four continents, served on various economic development and visioning councils, and authored hundreds of published articles and three books.

As president of publishing at SCB Marketing, Eric oversees the production of three business and lifestyle journals, along with numerous specialty publications.

Through these platforms, Eric offers entrepreneurs and business leaders valuable insights and strategic knowledge about how to drive their companies along with what is driving the Central Florida economy.


James Reid
Performance and EOS Coach, Creator of Championship Families

James Reid is on a mission to empower high performers to live joyfully, lead intentionally, and win frequently — at home, with their teams, in business and in life! Every day, he leverages his roles as an athlete, entrepreneur and family man, as well as nearly 25 years of coaching high performers across Major League Baseball, the National Football League and a host of companies, to help people realize their full potential.

For years, despite being at the top of his professional game, he said, “Any success I had came at the expense of my faith, health and my most cherished relationships.” Turning around his own life and career, he brings that transformative understanding and passion to those in sports and business.


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