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AMLY Sustainability & Circulor to collaborate on implementing full traceability of critical components and materials for customers in the Electric Vehicle (EV) lithium-ion battery supply chain in the US and Latin America.

AMLY Sustainability is proud to announce its collaboration with Circulor to implement its full traceability and dynamic CO2 tracking solution for customers across the United States and Latin America for lithium-ion battery and Electric Vehicle (EV) supply chain and for semiconductors and critical materials of electrical and electronic equipment. 

AMLY will be implementing Ciculor’s software solution for its upcoming projects with American manufacturers to meet their sustainability and circularity objectives for material traceability and CO2 transparency. Circulor’s solution is a successful proven approach for traceability during actual production. Both companies will also work together to prepare and enable AMLY and its manufacturing and supply chain partners for full traceability of Carbon from the start of production. AMLY and Circulor will also advise on best practices and strategies for addressing issues identified during the traceability as a means to support the reduction of carbon. 

Electrical and electronics critical materials and components and electric vehicle batteries are key technologies for the US and tracing materials and carbon across the supply chain is a necessary step to meet internal demand and transition to climate neutrality, and to a more circular economy. Through this collaboration, AMLY and Circulor are setting new benchmarks for electrical and electronics and EV battery material transparency, traceability and sustainability. These will directly address the requirements of the new administration for the 2030 Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Target that includes reducing carbon pollution from the transportation sector, addressing carbon pollution from industrial processes, securing domestic production of safer low carbon products and investing in innovation. 

Ana Leal, AMLY Sustainability’s Founder added: “This collaboration between AMLY and Circulor will allow us to offer a technology driven dynamic solution to support critical industries like electrical and electronics and EV in tracing materials and carbon, for a transparent low impact production. In addition, AMLY commits to provide other consulting solutions that can improve the products and processes for a true reduction of the carbon footprint and overall environmental and social impacts. It is another industry-leading move by AMLY that sets the way forward for improving the sustainability of products, processes and the supply chain.” 

“We are excited to be working with partners like AMLY to expand our support to customers in the US and Latin America with complex and global supply chains. The renewed focus on reducing greenhouse gas and responsible sourcing of critical minerals and materials requires increasing transparency and collaboration throughout the supply chain to enable change at scale that is required.”, says Veera Johnson, Co-Founder of Circulor. 

About AMLY Sustainability 

AMLY is a woman and minority-owned business headquartered in Orlando, FL that provides strategic and technical support for improving product, process and supply chain Sustainability. Using analytical methods and technological tools, AMLY identifies opportunities for environmental footprint reduction across the full life cycle of products, adjusting the design, materials and processes that increase a product’s negative footprint. Under AMLY guidance, design and development teams can make more informed decisions and change unsustainable attributes, materials and operations. As an electronics designer at Eastman Kodak Co., Ana Leal, AMLY’s founder developed a passion for sustainable design that led to advanced sustainability studies. She also worked for Swiss company SGS, assisting manufacturers with sustainability assessments, strategies and certification support. More information on www.amlysustainability.com , www.linkedin.com/in/amlysustainability/ or twitter.com/amly_sustain.

Contact: info@amlysustainability.com

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