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Peter Schoeman

Peter Schoemann

Peter Schoemann

Nelson Mullins

Confidence, Focus and Balance

Work hard for the first 20 years of your life or work hard for the rest of your life. That piece of advice, passed down from his father, has seen Peter Schoemann through his life and his career. Now, as a partner at Nelson Mullins law firm specializing in corporate and tax law, Schoemann has found that his work ethic, commitment and attitude didn’t fade after those first two decades. Instead, they became the foundation for all that came after.

Schoemann was drawn to practicing law, even at a young age. “While Hollywood glamorizes private practice, I have found that what drew me to be a tax lawyer still draws me to it,” Schoemann said. “Helping clients get their deals done.”

And it’s no accident that he finds himself at Nelson Mullins. While he started in the corporate division of Broad and Cassel in 2004, a series of changes would eventually lead that firm to become Nelson Mullins, and Schoemann was happy to stay on. Throughout his years with the firm, there has been one most important constant: “We work together to get the best deal for our clients. We are confident, but we do not have overblown egos.”

Even during the work-at-home orders implemented this year because of COVID-19, Schoemann said, everyone at the firm has worked together despite being apart. “Each of us knew what the others were working on and found ways to help. We have all maintained our focus and are coming out of it stronger than when we went in.”

Outside of the office, that spirit of confidence, focus, balance and teamwork remains. He and his wife, Christine, along with their four children, have found strength in this spirit. “Three of my four children have kidney disease, and two of them have Autism Spectrum Disorder,” Schoemann said. The family has faced all of its challenges in one way: together.

It was together that they established and continue to run Breaking Barriers Martial Arts, where they train people with disabilities. “Two of my sons, David and Kenny, have ASD. Led by my wife, Christine, we have worked for years to create opportunities for them to grow into successful, independent adults. We have all worked together as a family to train our students, and to give them more confidence, focus and balance in their lives.”

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