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Spirit of Mentorship: Lisa Bowman

Lisa Bowman headshot
Photography by Julie Fletcher

Lisa Bowman

Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer

AdventHealth for Children and AdventHealth for Women

“Ultimately, it’s listening that makes a good mentor.” — Lisa Bowman

Lisa Bowman grew up knowing exactly what she wanted to do. Her childhood ambitions were remarkably close to the role she plays today as vice president and chief nursing officer at AdventHealth for Children and AdventHealth for Women, both in Orlando.

“I always had a passion for helping people,” Bowman says. “I think that comes from my grandmother, the way she was always so giving with others. When I grew older and she ended up being hospitalized, I got to see how the nurses, the doctors, and all the clinicians work to take care of people.”

Growing with Guidance

Through her 23 years at AdventHealth, Bowman has taken care of everyone who comes through the doors — from patients to families to the team she leads.

After earning her degree from the University of Central Florida, Bowman quickly joined AdventHealth as a pediatric nurse. It was there that she met someone who would help her grow in her career, and where her passion for responsible leadership was ignited.

“I find that great mentors are also great role models.” – Lisa Bowman

“About eight years in, I met the person who would become my mentor,” she recalls. “She took me under her wing early on, and I’ve always looked up to and admired her. She will do anything for anyone without ever expecting anything in return. I find that great mentors are also great role models. They walk the talk, and they provide feedback even when it may be difficult to hear. They make recommendations, and they seek opportunities for growth.”

That guidance, as well as the culture of her organization, has helped Bowman foster support and compassion within her own teams. “AdventHealth has provided so much in the way of growth and development over the course of my 23 years here,” she says. “The way they invest in their employees makes it easy to stay here, and easy to grow here.”

In those years, Bowman served as a charge nurse and worked her way up the ranks to her current role.

Under her leadership, AdventHealth for Children was recognized by U.S. News & World Report as the best hospital for newborn care in Florida and was one of only eight children’s hospitals in the country to win the Top Children’s Hospital award from The Leapfrog Group. AdventHealth for Women has been recognized by Healthy People 2020 for its work with Cesarean sections.

AdventHealth for Children has also received Magnet designation for three consecutive terms, meaning it is certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as an institution where nurses are empowered to drive institutional health care change and innovation. Parts of AdventHealth for Women were included in the 2021 Magnet recognition.

Bowman is proud of the honors because they recognize the work of her teams. “They’re a testament to the dedication and skill of every individual who works collectively so hard to care for and serve our community.”

Even since the outbreak of COVID-19, with the pandemic straining the resources of every healthcare center in the world, Bowman has strived to understand what she could do better for a team under such great mental, physical and emotional stress.

A Shared Leadership Model

It’s all part of a Shared Leadership Model, one already integral to the culture of AdventHealth, and one that Bowman believes in. “It’s important for us as leaders to listen to the teams we work with — the nurses, the clinicians, all of the team members who are working at the bedside.” On the third Thursday of every month, for instance, leaders and staff gather to talk about opportunities to improve clinical care and the experience of patients, families and employees.

“I rely heavily on feedback from those who are at the bedside,

because they’re the ones who are involved in it day in and day out.” – Lisa Bowman

For her, that style of mentorship doesn’t just better the experience of those being mentored. It is also vital to the success of the mentor, and ultimately the whole team.

“I have been away from the bedside for a long time,” she says. “So I know that my answer is probably not the right answer every time. I rely heavily on feedback from those who are at the bedside, because they’re the ones who are involved in it day in and day out. It’s so important that we have those consistent touch points, and that we work together as a team. Ultimately, it’s listening that makes a good mentor.”

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