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Life is Both Natural and Spiritual

In my years interviewing and working with hundreds of successful CEOs and entrepreneurs, I’ve noticed most share the common denominator of having a spiritual paradigm. They hold onto this spirituality not for sense of comfort at death; rather it is for a sense of direction, meaning and courage in life.

Faith provides us the confidence to fulfill our purpose and reminds us that we are not alone in our pursuit. With faith, we are never failures. Our failures are simply lessons that help us grow and refine what ultimately makes us successful. Faith also keeps us anchored, helping us avoid the moral entanglements that can become the icebergs in our Titanic journey.

Spiritual wisdom is the ability to navigate through life with a focused mind. It is what provides us with timeless values that serve as our constant guide through the unpredictable waters life brings.

Those values drive us to help others, which has an incredible return on investment. People of faith started the first universities, hospitals and orphanages, as it was their faith that compelled them to solve problems. In fact, philanthropy stems from a Greek word meaning to “love mankind.”

 Fear can be defined as, “believing something that you can’t see is going to come to pass.” But faith is also, “believing something that you can’t see is going to come to pass.” One is positive and one is negative. We must choose which approach to life we will take.

We all possess a sense of purpose, a desire to fulfill a calling. I believe that was planted in our soul by our Maker. Like a compass always pointing north, that purpose continuously directs us to the One that put it there.

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Eric Wright is an innovative leader, dynamic speaker and published author. He turns complex principles into simple and practical life applications. As President of Publishing at SCB Marketing, Eric oversees the production of four business and lifestyle journals, along with numerous specialty publications. Eric is co-author of Dogs Don't Bark at Parked Cars. www.dogsdontbark.com

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