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Embracing Technology | Harry Ellis

One fact rings true in 2018, not only for every business but for every individual: Technology is now an integral part of our day-to-day lives.  As we move forward, it’s safe to assume this won’t change, which means businesses must embrace technology as a vital part of their infrastructure.

“Business owners may not take into consideration all the start-up costs,” said Harry Ellis, president and CIO of Next Horizon Information Technology. “They need to think of the tech infrastructure first, and work backward from there.”

After 20 years in his field, Ellis understands how crucial comprehensive IT services are for any business, as well as how overwhelming the tech world can seem to those not versed in the nuances of the industry.

The Ellis family founded Next Horizon in 1998 after deciding to shut down their hardware-focused retail stores and focus exclusively on IT solutions. Since then, he has worked to bring his years of knowledge and expertise to all of his clients, assisting them in setting up systems that are up-to- date and tailored to them.

Ellis’ extensive experience proves to be a valuable asset, and so does his ability to stay on top of new developments in hardware and software. He earned a bachelor’s degree in information systems technology and a master’s in computer forensics from the University of Central Florida, and his education continues as he keeps up with dramatic shifts in the field.

“Technology changes every day, it’s constant,” he said, explaining that the fast pace and varied activity create a source of motivation for him. “It’s never the same day-to-day.”

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