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Love of Storytelling | Carolyn Capern

“I grew up in a house that loves knowledge,” said Carolyn Capern, co-founder and digital storyteller at CTS Agency. “My mom recently retired after 13 years as a school librarian, and my dad works for IBM as a software consultant, so I have always appreciated the roles words and technology play in shaping our world.”Although she studied political science and history in college, Capern discovered in digital marketing a way to combine her love of stories with her passion for social change, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Since founding CTS Agency six years ago with partner Greg Trujillo, Capern has quickly become familiar with every aspect and role required of her. As the company has grown, her focus has shifted toward management and growth, though she makes a point to stay involved in her favorite aspect, the storytelling.

“Our team has been ‘behind the scenes’ on some pieces of content that have gone viral or been picked up by major influencers,” she said. “But vanity metrics pale in comparison to knowing that your messaging is part of a groundswell that changes the community — and we’ve been lucky enough to find out what that feels like, too.”

For more information visit the CTS Agency website.

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