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Setting an Example | Daniel Haddad

Long before Daniel Haddad began his engineering career, he was learning the ins and outs of the industry from his father, who worked at the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC – The Reliable One) throughout Haddad’s childhood. “He always seized opportunities to teach me about ‘how things work’ in all areas of life, but especially in terms of engineering and problem solving,” said Haddad.

Those learning opportunities led to an interest in the field of engineering, and in OUC as an employer. “[My father] often spoke about how fortunate he was to work for a company that valued his commitment to his family above his job,” recalled Haddad.

This stayed with him, and while earning a mechanical engineering degree at the University of Central Florida, Haddad became an OUC co- op student, a role that led to a position as a full-time engineer upon his graduation.

“Every role I’ve held has prepared me in some way for my current one,” he said. “There are opportunities to grow your abilities in every role, and taking those opportunities will prepare you for something else someday that you will never be able to predict.”

That “something else” turned out to be his current position as manager of power plant engineering, where he leads his team through empowerment. “I want them to be their absolute best, and it’s my job to provide them with the opportunity to do that,” Haddad said.

Now, in his 11th year at OUC, and with three children of his own, he works to keep the company moving forward, all while upholding the same respect for employees and their families that his father valued so much.

“We are always striving to improve and adapt to changing times, but we remain steadfast in the sense that employees are valued over the bottom line,” said Haddad. “I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

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