3 Best Drag Clicking Mouse – Review and Buying Guide

This article lists the three best drag-clicking mice to provide you with options to make your multiple clicking of the mouse easy and quick.

As a gamer, you always look for the best mouse to help you. Drag clicking mouse is the best available option to help you make multiple clicks at a time. As a gamer, I have experience using a casual mouse and the fatigue it causes. Since then, I have switched to drag-clicking Mice faster in working, precise in cursing, and have higher DPI values. Most of them are also constructed in an ergonomic style and provide maximum comfortability throughout the use.

As my gaming experience with these drag-clicking Mice was the best, I thought of writing about them and giving my readers the best possible options they can buy from the market. The following mention article consists of the three best drag-clicking Mice that you can purchase and can get the peace I am getting. Ensure you focus on the following details with proper concentration and attention. Furthermore, a buying guide will help you select the best Mouse.

3 Best Drag Clicking Mouse

Here is the list of the three best drag-clicking Mouse. Let’s look without wasting any time on the properties and specifications they contain. This article has the three best drag-clicking mice to provide you with options to make your multiple clicking of the mouse easy and quick.

SteelSeries Prime Wireless – Best Mouse for Drag Clicking

While looking for the best drag clicking Mouse, it has been noticed that we prefer those which have high CPS value. This CPS stands for clicks per second value. And here, I have selected this Steelseries Prime Wireless drag clicking Mouse because it consists of a high CPS value from the magnetic switches. This is because this model of the drag clicking Mouse consists of magnetic switches. The benefit of having magnetic switches is that the mouse does not get slower over time but remains the same in its efficiency and performance.

Furthermore, this drag-clicking Mouse consists of a one-to-one tracking feature which means that it coordinates accurately with the cursor on the screen. So it’s almost impossible that you fail in any click or movement on the screen during your game. There are multiple programmable buttons on the mouse, which help you fast click and get the results efficiently and quickly without missing time.

Moreover, this product also consists of Bluetooth connections which means you can connect this Mouse with any computer or laptop via simple Bluetooth connections. This Mouse is a wireless mouse that does not need the connections of wire, so it is very handy and convenient to use. Furthermore, the battery life of the mouse is around 100 hours which means you can use it easily without any worries of low charging warnings.


  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Outstanding drag clicking results
  • Lightweight and wireless


  • No RGB lighting

SteelSeries Prime Wireless is our number one selected mouse because of its top-notch qualities. It is light and wireless, so there would be no table clutter. Furthermore, this product consists of the latest features that in cooperation with each other work efficiently and productively.

ROCCAT ROC-11-730 Kone Pure Ultra – Cheap Drag Clicking Mouse

Because of being highly affordable and ergonomic in construction, this mouse is appreciable and recommended as the best drag clicking Mouse. With 66 grams of weight, this mouse is highly lightweight and easy to move and use. The precision, accuracy, and speed you need in your gaming are what this Mouse is perfect and renowned for.

Moreover, the physical construction of the mouse makes the mouse highly compatible in usage. That means you can use this Mouse for long hours without getting tired. This is because the mouse is ergonomic in construction and is made by keeping in mind the structure of the hand and its ease during movement. Moreover, there is a thumb rest located on the left side of the mouse, which helps a right-handed person place their thumb and make their hand movement more convenient.

Various keys are located on the mouse to help you perform multiple functions conveniently. This includes up and down keys too. Because it is a highly affordable option, many reviewers have reviewed that this contains maximum features providing ease and convenience, specifically in extended continuous use. Furthermore, this Mouse is very compact and small in size, providing you with ultimate comfortability and easiness in putting and using it on your computer table.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Highly affordable and efficient
  • Precise and accurate movements


  • Very bright default lightning

This product is said to be the most compact and trim on our list. It is highly affordable and consists of many advanced features which help you in proper and efficient drag clicking. Furthermore, you will notice that the mouse is constructed in an ergonomic style that won’t cause any strains and stresses in your hand.

Logitech G502 HERO – Logitech Drag Clicking Mouse

This model from the Logitech brand will be your savior if you are looking for a drag-clicking Mouse explicitly for gaming purposes. The adjustability and comfortability made this mouse stand in our top 3. When you buy this mouse, you will notice that five separate bars are present in this package with 0.127 ounces of weight each. You can attach and stick these bars to the mouse to make it comfortable and easy to grab while using.

This feature adds to the CPS value and makes the mouse much better at drag clicking. Furthermore, there are 11 programmable buttons on the mouse that provide you with convenience and options of operating different functions simultaneously with a simple click. What you need to do is to download the Logitech G HUB software to initiate the programming and functioning of these buttons. Those players who love to play games that involve multiple clicking can reliably select this Mouse without any doubt.

Moreover, this mouse also consists of RGB lightning which means that you can even use this mouse in a darker environment with proper confidence. Furthermore, this RGB lightening is customizable so that you can design and style your mouse in your way. This product comes with a two-year warranty with the help of which you can contact the manufacturers in case of any complications or faults. Additionally, this product consists of mechanical switches and USB connectivity options too.


  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Two years warranty
  • Ideal for gamers


  • No wireless connectivity

Logitech G502 HERO Is an outstanding option in all drag-clicking mice, ideal for gamers and those who work with multiple clicking at a time. It consists of a customizable RGB lighting option that helps you customize the style and create the mouse outlook according to your need.

Guide to Pick the Best Drag Clicking Mouse

Source: leaguefeed.net

This is the list of specifications and description of those features that should be present in your mouse, which you are selecting for drag-clicking purposes. Make sure to look for the following details when searching for the best drag-clicking mouse available.

Grip and Handling

Grip and handling are the first and foremost thing you should focus on before finalizing your drag-clicking Mouse. They are an essential factor that plays a critical role in managing clicks. The mouse you purchase should provide you with proper grip and control over the mouse. When you handle the mouse comfortably and adequately, you can use it for as long as you want without getting tired.

This is an essential factor that should be paid attention to before finalizing your mouse. Easy-grip of the mouse is necessary for you to carry on your functioning efficiently and productively. Moreover, the moving of the mouse should be easy and convenient and should not give you strain or stress in your hand or hand’s joint; instead, should provide you with comfortability and relaxation. Make sure to search for the mouse that gives you easy and convenient handling via proper grip and control.

CPS Value

CPS value is an essential factor you need to know before finalizing your drag-clicking mouse. This is because drag-clicking mouse becomes efficient when they have a high CPS value. If you are purchasing a mouse with the best drag clicking features, then always focus on the one that consists of high clicks per second value. Make sure your selected mouse is able to produce maximum clicks per second so that it works more quickly and accurately with precision.


Comfortability is another essential factor that should be kept in mind while purchasing a drag-clicking mouse. This is because the more comfortable the mouse handling and gripping is, the more quickly you can use it for long hours. There are numerous mice with drag clicking features that are designed in an ergonomic construction. I will recommend you to search properly and go with the selection of the one which provides you with maximum comfortability options.


Source: roccat.com

Can Any Mouse Drag Click?

Yes, the computer mouse can drag click. If you try drag-clicking on a regular mouse, you may get to know that they are lacking in their consistency time by time. Moreover, this drag clicking will damage and ruin your mouse. In case you want your mouse to drag click more often, make sure to select the right mouse that gives you the option of drag clicking. Search properly and look for the mouse that is made explicitly for drag-clicking purposes.

What Is the Fastest Auto Clicker?

The fastest auto clicker is the speed auto clicker which has the ability to click more than 50000 times per second. Another valuable function of the speed auto clicker is that it gives you the opportunity to manage the activation key to exchange automatic clicking.

Why Am I Unable to Drag and Click?

There are many possible reasons that will not allow you to drag click. The first and foremost probable cause that your mouse is unable to drag is that your hands are wet or the surface of the mouse dirtier and messier. Sweat and dust are the most common factors that create a hurdle between clicking and functioning. Moreover, pressing too hard also blocks the drag clicking. Further, smooth and straightforward gliding can make drag clicking possible.

Is Auto Clicker Illegal?

Auto clicker is not illegal, nor does its operating system violate any rules and regulations. On the other hand, it can be an annoyance and irritating feature. Auto clickers are 100% safe, having lawful and legal functions that encourage mouse clicking. Moreover, they do not contain viruses, so they are never banned or discouraged.

Final Thoughts

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Drag clicking mice are renowned for giving the user the possibility of clicking multiple clicks at a time. These mice are specifically ideal for gamers as many online games require multiple clicks simultaneously. I have the experience of using a general mouse and drag-clicking mouse for gaming purposes. And after the practical experience, I realized that the drag-clicking mouse is the best and ideal one, so I planned to discuss and share it with you.

Make sure you read and understand everything mentioned above so you will get all the necessary information without skipping any point. Moreover, it also consists of a buying guide that will provide you with the features that you should focus on before finalizing your mouse. Select the mouse with proper attention so that you can achieve the performance which you want.

As a reviewer, I will suggest you buy,

  • SteelSeries Prime Wireless is a wireless mouse that contains top qualities. It is light in weight and consists of a high CPS value which makes it perfect for gaming.