Here I Have Brought to You the Three Best Motherboards for the I5 6500 Processor That Help Your Processor Perform to Its Maximum.

Are you facing difficulty choosing a compatible motherboard for your i5 6500 processor? Are you thinking of building a customized personal computer for yourself? Well, it is not difficult to build a computer. You can select each part according to your own choice. If you have selected the i5 6500 as your processor, then the next step is to select one of the best motherboards for it. The motherboard is the last thing you should compromise on. Your computer’s overall performance depends upon the motherboard you are using.

The processor is a small chip that acts as the brain of your computer, while the motherboard is the backbone, which connects all of the components of your computer and enables them to communicate. The processor that you are using should be compatible with the motherboard. The motherboard initiates the processor’s power, so you should really think before buying. If you choose a motherboard for your processor that fits it perfectly but is not compatible with it, then your computer will not function properly, and your screen will appear completely black.

Best Motherboard For i5 6500

Is your computer becoming slow in running different functions? It probably means that you need to upgrade your computer. You have to choose a good processor for your computer. If you are going to replace your processor with a new one, you also have to change the motherboard. The compatibility between the processor and the motherboard is essential for your computer’s functioning. The i5 6500 is the most suitable processor for the general public, and you can really enjoy playing games with it. Several motherboards are perfect for the i5 6500.

1. Asus Z170-A ATX DDR4 – Best Motherboard For i5 6500

If you really want to build an excellent performance computer, then the Asus Z170-A ATX DDR4 is the best motherboard for the i5 6500 intel processor. It is expensive compared to other motherboards on the list, but you will not regret investing your money in it. You can easily rely on Asus motherboards for performance because, as a brand, it really offers one of the best computer hardware in the market. The Asus Z170-A ATX DDR4 motherboard has everything that you can wish for. It really helps you with making an amazing computer.

The Asus Z170-A has an LGA 1151 CPU socket compatible with Intel processors such as the i5 6500. The LGA 1151 CPU socket connects both mechanical and electrical, between the i5 6500 microprocessor and the Asus Z170-A ATX DDR4. This motherboard has an ATX size, which means that the motherboard has a specific dimension of the Advanced Technology Extended motherboard. The has a length of 12 inches and a width of 6.9 inches.

It has a RAM technology called the DDR4, which stands for Double Data Rate 4. It is a dynamic RAM with a memory size of 64 GB. It has a chipset type of intel Z170, which helps in the data flow between the processor, RAM, and other peripheral devices, such as mice and keyboards. The Intel Z170 is responsible for the compatibility of the Asus Z170-A ATX DDR4 motherboard. It has a memory speed of 2133 MHz, making your computer more efficient and fast.

The Asus Z170-A ATX DDR4 motherboard has an Integrated Graphics card built into the motherboard. The integrated graphic card interface helps the card connect directly to the board and allows the transferring of information between them. It has PCIe Slots, which stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect Express. It is a type of interface that allows more information to transfer in less time. It comes with an Nvidia Scalable Link Interface. This SLI technology helps you link two graphic cards simultaneously so that they can produce a single output.


  • Turbo processing unit
  • Rear I/O panel
  • Standard ATX size
  • High memory speed
  • The integrated graphic card interface


  • Expensive

The Asus Z170-A ATX DDR4 motherboard is truly one of the most suitable motherboards compatible with the i5 6500 microprocessor. It is really user-friendly as it comes with a user guide both written and on a CD. It also comes with a shield for the rear I/O panel, a CPU installation Tool, a Q connector, an M.2 screw package, along with three SATA cables. It is an amazing motherboard. If you are not having a tight budget and don’t want to compromise on the performance of your computer, then the Asus Z170-A ATX DDR4 motherboard is the best option for you.

2. GIGABYTE B365M DS3H – Best Gaming Motherboard For i5 6500

If the Asus Z170-A ATX DDR4 motherboard doesn’t fit your budget, then you don’t need to worry. The GIGABYTE B365M DS3H motherboard is the best one for you. It has amazing features and that too at a much more reasonable price. It is compatible with your i5 6500 microprocessor, so you can surely rely on it. The motherboards of GIGABYTE are known for their durability. The GIGABYTE B365M DS3H motherboard has amazing durability.

The DDR4 is the RAM technology for the GIGABYTE DS3H. The DDR4 is the fourth generation of the DDR RAM. It has a 64 GB memory capacity. It also has 4x DIMM RAM slots, which gives you the ability to have more RAM capacity. It has LGA 1151 as its CPU socket, which is compatible with the 6th generation i5 6500 and the 8th and the 9th generation processor. So, if you will have to replace your i5 6500 with a more advanced microprocessor, you will not need to look for another motherboard for it.

The Intel B365 is the type of chipset used in the GIGABYTE DS3H and plays a major role in its compatibility with other components of your computer. It has a memory speed of 2666 MHz, faster than the Asus Z170-A. It has a Micro- ATX size, so it has a length of 10.43 inches, a width of 10.43 inches, and a height of 2.12 inches. It has six SATA ports, which are connected to the SATA cables. The information is transferred through the SATA ports between the motherboard and the hard drives of your computer.

It has VRM, which is a voltage regulator module. It acts as a step-down inverter and controls the voltage supplied to the i5 6500 microprocessor. It has an ATX 24-pin connector, which helps in power distribution. It has four PCIe slots, which increases the bandwidth of your CPU. It also has a 3,0 USB connector with a transfer rate equal to 5 Gbit. It also comes with an I/O rear panel. The panel has DVI ports and HDMI ports, which help the motherboard connect with other devices.


  • Memory speed of 2666 MHz
  • Intel B365 chipset
  • Micro ATX size
  • Voltage regulator module
  • Compatible for 8th & 9th generation
  • Affordable


  • No Type-C USB ports
  • No overclocking

The GIGABYTE B365M DS3H motherboard is my personal favorite, as it is budget-friendly, durable, and has a very high memory speed. It gives tough competition to the high-end Asus Z170-A ATX DDR4 motherboard. It has amazing memory technology along with one intel B365 chipset. This motherboard will work for you, even if you have to update your processor in the future, because of its nice compatibility with higher-generation microprocessors.

3. ASRock ATX DDR4 H110M-DGS – Motherboard Compatible With i5 6500

The ASRock ATX DDR4 H110M-DGS is a fabulous motherboard. It is surely one of the best motherboards that you can find in the market for your i5 6500 microprocessor. ASRock is famous for its great value motherboards. If you want an affordable motherboard with a nice build, it is the best one. This motherboard is the most compact motherboard compatible with the i5 6500 on the list.

It has a form factor of Micro-ATX. It has a smaller size with a width of 7.5 inches and 7.4 inches in length. The LGA 1151 is the CPU socket in the ASRock H110M, which connects it with the microprocessor. A superalloy is used in it, making it resistant to high temperatures. DRR4 is the memory technology used for RAM. It has two DIMM slots. It has a memory speed of 2133 MHz, which is quite high for a motherboard within such a price range.

The ASRock has 32 GB of maximum memory capacity for RAM. It comes with an 8-pin main power connector. The memory storage capacity for ASRock is 1024 MB, which might be less than the other motherboards on the list, but it is still amazing for such an affordable motherboard. One of the most impressive features of this motherboard is that it has heatsinks, which help the motherboard lower its temperature. It also comes with a USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0 port.

The rear I/O panel only has a DVI port for connectivity, and there is no HDMI port in the panel. There are four SATA ports in this motherboard. It has two PCIe slots. The VRM helps in the control of the power supply to the processor. ASRock has Intel’s Turbo 2.0 boost technology, which helps increase the speed of your CPU. This motherboard is compatible with both the 6th and the 7th generation of processors. The ASRock has a user manual that helps you in the installation.


  • Heatsinks
  • Super Affordable
  • USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports
  • Micro-ATX size


  • No HDMI ports
  • No M.2 Slots
  • Lesser memory storage

The ASRock ATX DDR4 H110M-DGS is a motherboard that offers its users quite amazing features within a surprising price range. You can select this motherboard if you are building a computer for simple tasks rather than running huge or complex operations. The company can do a few updates to this motherboard, but it has surprised me with its amazing build at such an appealing price even without them.

Buying Guide


You cannot select any motherboard because it has some fancy features. Selecting a good motherboard is a critical task. You have to think it through before buying a motherboard. The motherboard and the processor collectively act as the vital part of the processing system. Your computer’s functioning, memory, and efficiency rely on the compatibility between your processor and the motherboard. One should keep in mind a few things before buying a motherboard for your i5 6500 processor.

  • Well, it is quite obvious that the first and most important thing is that the motherboard should be compatible with your i5 6500 microprocessor. If the processor and the motherboard are not compatible, your computer will not function.
  • Memory is also one of the topmost priorities in the motherboards. Your motherboards must offer good RAM as it helps you store large amounts of data in your computer. The higher the RAM, the more speed a motherboard has. The number of slots also helps in increasing the RAM storage capacity. The more slots you have, the more you can increase the memory capacity.
  • Connection Ports are significant as the number and types of ports on your board panel really help the motherboard with connectivity. Different types of ports are present on the panel, such as the HDMI, PCIe, PCI, DVS, and much more.
  • Heat regulation is also one of the most important things because if the motherboard doesn’t have a proper mechanism for heat and power control, then your computer can get warm easily, which will affect your processor’s performance. There are fans or heatsinks for the regulation of temperature in many motherboards.



What motherboard is compatible with the i5 6500?

There are numerous motherboards, but not every motherboard can suit your 6th generation i5 6500 microprocessor. Many motherboards are compatible with the i5 6500. Some of them are the ASRock ATX DDR4 H110M-DGS , GIGABYTE B356M, ASUS Z170 ,and MSI Z170A. You have to be extra careful with compatibility between the microprocessor and the motherboard.

Is i5 6500 good for gaming?

Yes, the i5 6500 is surely amazing for gaming. You can rely on it as this processor has all that you need in a good gaming processor. If it is paired with a nice gaming motherboard, it will surely help you in your computer’s gaming performance. There are much higher generation processors that you can choose, but the i5 6500 is truly one of the most used processors among the general public.


I hope now, all of your confusions have been cleared regarding the best motherboards for the i5 6500 processor. If you are building a computer with an i5 6500, you will need to select a marvelous motherboard that is compatible with it. There are a tremendous amount of motherboards out there. Here, I have brought some of the best motherboards for the i5 6500 processor.

  • Asus Z170-A ATX DDR4 is an amazing high-end motherboard that has 64 GB DRR4 memory capacity, 2133 MHz memory speed, and three SATA ports, along with six PCIe slots. There is a user guide that helps you with the installation process. It is really one of the best motherboards for the i5 6500.
  • GIGABYTE B365M DS3H motherboard is the best choice if you are looking for a more affordable, smaller, and faster motherboard. It gives a really tough competition to other expensive motherboards out there. It comes with a B365 chipset, voltage module regulator, and four DIMM slots.

A good motherboard really helps the processor, as the processor is the brain of your computer. It cannot work efficiently if it cannot connect with the other components of the computer. So, now you have our best picks for the i5 6500 processor. All of the above-mentioned motherboards have amazing features and are compatible with i5 5600, so all you have to do is select any one, and you’re good to go.