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Why Use a Moving Company?

Despite the huge undertaking that is orchestrating a move on your own—with great sacrifices of time, energy, and money being made—some still worry about investing in a moving company. This fear...

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Moving to Florida

Sorensen Moving & Storage has been an invaluable resource to those relocating to the Space Coast since 1956, and continues to provide incredible service to the county, welcoming residents and...

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Revolutionizing Your Processes

Using Technology for Maximum Benefit [by AllenFrinfrock] We once were explaining our process to a customer—showing him the lasers  in our building, the software on the computers, the technology we...

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Are PEO Products Right for You?

Finding Solutions for Your Scaling Business [BY GerryThistle] In the highly competitive market for talented employees, a robust benefit package and employee management system is essential to attract...

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Foodpreneur | Uncle Matty’s Food Company

Matt Ryan’s  Uncle Matty’s Food Company [BY KRISTINE THOMAS} Not all food entrepreneurs, or foodpreneurs, aspire to be chefs in Michelin star restaurants. Some look at the food business from a whole...

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Leila Nodarse – Spirit of Prosperity

Leila Nodarse, TERRACON CONSULTANTS FLORIDA DIVISION LEADER The first female Division Leader in Terracon, Leila Nodarse, now leads the initiative to recruit and develop professional women in the...

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