Insuring Your Home-Based Business: What You Need to Know

Today many people are running their businesses from their residential units. There are several advantages associated with running a business from one’s home. The most important being the money that is saved in renting an office space. Apart from this, working from home also saves travel time and cost.

Thus running businesses from home is a great option for small and medium-sized enterprises and working professionals like writers. So if you are one of those who is planning to run a business from residential premises, then you can go to to get quotes from local insurance companies about Roanoke home insurance.

Why Can’t Your Regular Home Insurance Suffice For Your Business Needs?


Most people who start running a business from their residential unit tend to believe that if they have insurance coverage from their residential unit, it is good enough. So they do not purchase any additional coverage for their business per se. However, if any disaster happens, then they will run into deep losses if they do not take separate coverage.

The insurance coverage that one needs to purchase depends on several factors, like the type of work that they do or the number of people who need to visit their house for work-related purposes.

Your home insurance coverage will not be sufficient to cover all your office equipment. Again, if you have delivery boys visiting your premises for work and in case they face an accident, they can sue you. And such claims will not be covered by your regular home insurance.

3 Types Of Insurance Policies That You Should Know AboutWhen You Are Running A Business From Your Home


Here are some of the different types of insurance coverages that you may invest in if you are running a business from home or you are working from your residential unit.

You Need A General Liability Insurance

This policy covers cases where you or your business has been sued. There are several reasons why your business might be sued. For instance, if some of your employees were putting up hoarding to advertise your business.

If your employees somehow damage another person’s property in the process of putting up the hoardings, then you can be sued by the owner of the property. So, in this case, the general liability insurance coverage will come to your rescue as this will provide for all the legal charges that will be required to fight or settle a case in a court of law.

Again the general liability insurance will protect you in case a person who is not your employee is injured due to the operations of your business. And most importantly, if you are selling cosmetics or delivering food packages that you prepare at home, then this insurance protects you from product liability.

Product liability, in simple terms, means that if the product you manufacture (say, a cosmetic or any food item) causes any damage to the end user, then those costs are covered by product liability coverage.

Thus, you can see that general liability insurance is vital for most small and medium-sized organizations that run from residential premises. And many countries make it mandatory to buy such coverages to operate businesses from residential units.

You Need A Professional Liability Insurance In Case You Are A Lawyer Or A Doctor


Many professionals, like lawyers, doctors, architects, etc., practice independently and are not associated with a firm or a hospital. If you are a lawyer or a doctor and have your office in your residential space, then you need professional liability insurance. This provides for those lawsuits and damages that may result from your professional advice.

So, for instance, if you are a dermatologist who advises a patient to use a particular cream or a treatment regime for their skin conditions. Now if the treatment or cream that you had prescribed causes severe adverse effects on your patient’s skin, then you can be sued. So in such cases, professional liability insurance will come to your rescue.

You Will Need A Business Personal Property Coverage


The equipment that you use in the course of your business usually costs way more than what your household goods and appliances cost.

So if you have a 3D printer at home, a high-end digital printer, or some equipment for conducting medical examinations, the cost will not be covered by the regular house insurance. So the Business liability personal property covers provide money in case your work-related stuff gets damaged or stolen.

Moreover, this sort of coverage also provides for the loss of livelihood that you may suffer as a result of the loss of your work-related equipment. So if you cannot run your clinic for, say, a week, then you will get some money per day of business that you lose.

However, if the business personal property coverage does not include the loss of livelihood under the policy, then you can buy business interruption insurance. This sort of coverage only provides for the net loss of livelihood due to a disaster or a theft.

In addition to that, you will also be paid money to pay for the transportation and restoration of equipment. This is vital in case you have lost a piece of equipment that was heavy, and the cost of transporting that piece of equipment will be quite a lot.


The three types of coverages stated above are usually sufficient to provide for most of your losses. However, there are other types of policies as well. There is commercial auto insurance which is necessary when you use multiple vehicles for office-related usage. This is particularly relevant in case you are running a food delivery store.

Again, there are policies that compensate for the loss of wage an employee at your company suffers due to loss of equipment from premises. You can take any combination of insurance for your business that you run from your home, but having some special coverage is necessary as paying for damages and lawsuits without an insurance policy becomes a nightmare.